The benefits of organic

This year has clearly been the year for #cleaneating, so what’s the foundation of clean eating? Move over Atkins it’s time for Organic Food to shine!

So what is organic food, and what are the benefits?

“Organic” refers to the way in which products are grown and processed. They aren’t showered with chemicals and pesticides and organic livestock are fed only organic feed; no antibiotic’s, hormones, nothing! It is a natural, unmodified product! Now, what are the benefits of organic?

Besides the fact that you are not consuming harmful chemicals through the food you eat, there are so many benefits to eating organic. How about preventing premature aging? Check. Boosting your immune system meaning you are sick much less than others around you. Check. Reduces your risk of heart disease, absolutely and just as important; it tastes better.

Did you know that organic tomatoes have 97% more kaempferol, an antioxidant, than regular tomatoes that are littered with chemical fertilizers! Research has shown that generally, organic fruit and vegetable has at least 50% more antioxidants than regular fruit and vege as well as containing more iron and zinc.

It is safe for your entire family, too! No harmful chemicals mean it is baby and child-friendly.

Stay tuned for some organic recipes hitting our blog, soon.

Until then.