The Goodness of Coconut Oil

First came vegetable oil (back in the Stone Age), then canola and olive now coconut oil. It’s extremely popular and certainly flying off the shelves, but why? It is great for your body! That’s why!

Coconut oil, when consumed in moderation, can actually help improve your good cholesterol. There are many more benefits, too! People that suffer from tummy ailments may want to introduce a tablespoon here or there to aid in digestion. In fact, lactose intolerant patients have been known to use coconut oil in place of butter. Those that have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes also cite coconut oil as an aid in managing the disease. Other noted benefits include reduced amounts of abdominal fat and the prevention of tooth decay. Coconut oil may also boost the immune system due to its healthy fat components.

The skincare and cosmetic industry has also begun to incorporate coconut oil in many new products. Not only does it add moisture to thirsty skin, but also aids in the fight against wrinkles. Now, what woman in her right mind would argue with that? It also helps to remove makeup. Manufacturers are now adding coconut oil to hair products, as well. . You can also find other products derived from coconut such as coconut milk, coconut water, and even coconut flour for baking. There is no end to the different ways in which to incorporate coconut oil into your diet.

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