Three Cheers for Chia!

One superfood that has propelled its way into stores and onto our plates is the chia seed.


Despite its tiny size, the chia seed boasts a powerful nutritional profile and has become one of the most versatile ingredients in our pantries. If we think of food as medicine, these gluten free seeds contain the nutrients, vitamins and powerful antioxidants essential to bone and gut health. With very few calories and neutral flavours, the child-friendly chia seed is a staple superfood for a healthy, balanced diet.


Rich in calcium, fibre, protein and Omega 3, chia seeds help us to combat disease, increase energy and ensure digestive health. Besides their crunchy exterior, these seeds are extremely absorbant. When submerged in liquid, chia seeds expand to twelve times their size and develop a silky smooth coating, making them easier to digest and leaving us feeling full for longer! They also double as a natural thickener and can substitute eggs in a variety of dishes.


Regardless of your creative culinary techniques, chia seeds can easily adapt to your skills in the kitchen. Simply sprinkle over salads, soak in freshly squeezed juices, add to cereals and porridges or mix with breadcrumbs when coating meat. These powerful seeds can also accompany jams, smoothies, rice and can be added to baked goods, providing texture and extra nutrition to your everyday meals.
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Shari Ward