Go Goji

Vividly red and no bigger than a grape, Goji Berries are a powerful, nutritious and multipurpose superfruit making their debut in traditional Chinese medicine.

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Originally consumed to balance, strengthen and promote longevity, goji berries are used in ancient Chinese methods to generate a feeling of well-being. Like all berries, goji berries are a powerful antioxidant and boast a tempting composition of vitamins and minerals, making them one of the most nutritionally dense fruits available! Packed with vitamins A, B, C and loaded with potassium, calcium, iron and zinc (phew!), goji berries boost blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and are said to combat fatigue.

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Despite their stand-out nutritional profile, pint-sized goji berries also contain a high content of beta carotene, protecting skin cells from sun damage and improving texture and tone. Beta carotene also gives goji berries and many other fruits and veggies their alluring orange/reddish colour, adding vibrance and flavor to an abundance of meals.

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Admittedly, goji berries contain a sweet, sometimes bitter flavour when simply eaten alone, but it’s nonetheless possible to keep them handy as a go-to super-snack! Best served soaked – to soften the texture of dried fruit – goji berries can be sprinkled over cereals in substitute of sugar, added to salads for colour and a sweet kick or brewed as a nutritious, sweet tea. Packed with fibre and completely fat free, goji berries best compliment a delicious, balanced breakfast – most famously inside acai bowls!

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Shari Ward