The Next Kale

Packed with vitamins and nutrients, sea vegetables bring a wealth of health attributes when incorporated into our diets. Normally found wrapped around the sushi we gobble down for lunch, seaweed has been making waves outside our usual go-to snack. Dulse – a form of algae from the seaweed family – is the dark red sea plant responsible for bringing these edible weeds into the mainstream. Harvested in the northern ends of both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, this versatile superfood is dried and sold directly in flake or powder form.


Sworn by health advocates to be twice as nutritious as kale, dulse is rich in minerals and contains an abundance of fibre and protein. With a handful containing more than 100% of our daily recommended dose of iron and potassium, dulse is also a fantastic source of vitamin B12. Found predominantly in animal products, vitamin B12 is not only great for vegetarians and vegans but supports hair growth and nail health. Crunchy raw dulce has a salty ‘fresh’ taste and is a healthier, fat + gluten free snack essential for a balanced diet. So how do we integrate dulse into our meals?


In its dried flake form, dulse can be used as a low sodium substitute for salt in almost any savoury dish. A particularly delicious way to incorporate dulse into your cooking is by using the flakes to salt pasta or to season boiled eggs. Dulse adds flavour and nutrition to hearty soups, makes killer salads, compliments a tasty stir fry and will subtlety enhance a tapenade or pesto. Considering the flakes are packaged quite small, they can be sprinkled on just about anything!

seaweed 2

Despite its underwater plant based origins, even the most carnivorous amongst us who are searching for healthier alternatives can benefit from dulse, and all of the meat-lovers will be thrilled to hear that when cooked, it tastes exactly like bacon! Simply pan fry the dulse with oil until sizzling and crispy then team with your morning eggs. When cooked, the salty strips of dulse transform in the pan and omit a mild, smoky flavour tasting exactly like the beloved breakfast classic. Fall prey to its nutritious trickery by trying some dulse today:


Shari Ward