The Magic of Maca!

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With its surprising sexual benefits and therapeutic properties, the Maca Root contains a long list of nourishment that our bodies could thrive from. There’s no doubt that superfoods exist to promote overall wellness and despite the variety of ingredients available now, Maca serves two purposes; superfood and medicinal herb. Similarly proportioned to a turnip and organically cultivated in Peru, Maca has been coined the ‘Peruvian Ginsing’ due to its high content of energy enhancing ingredients. Unlike its original root form, it is normally sold ground up with a cream colored powder rich in calcium, high in potassium, low in sodium and containing essential trace iron elements, magnesium, zinc and a whopping 19 amino acids.

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So how does said Maca benefit our bodies? Firstly, Maca is a superfood staple that contains vitamins and minerals that naturally increase our energy levels without prompting us to drink multiple cups of coffee or highly caffeinated energy drinks. Maca increases the bodies levels of serotonin, making it a natural stimulate alternative to the pharmaceuticals used to treat anxiety and depression. Safe for both adults and children, Maca also improves blood circulation, regulates stubborn acne and builds strong teeth and bones.
And yet, the most alluring fact about Maca lies with its hormonal and sexual benefits. With a high concentration of proteins and vital nutrients, Maca is believed to increase sexual desire and stamina. Its natural properties are considered to create an aphrodisiac stimulant (particularly in men) and can help with impotency, low libido and fertility issues. Maca is also a fantastic support for women. With its high amino acid content, Maca can help regulate hormonal imbalances, including irregular periods, cramps and menopause. By managing the frequency and severity of hot flashes and relieving menstruation symptoms such as PMS, Maca brings balance to our bodies natural hormone levels without the use of synthetic hormone replacements.

Maca is best consumed in small doses. It’s as easy as a spoonful a day integrated into a multiplicity of dishes, as Maca can work its way into solid and liquid meals. However, it’s much more gentle on the stomach to ‘cook’ Maca so it cannot undo our digestive systems. Maca is a handy substitute for flour when baking bread or cakes and if fermented, Maca can also produce a weak beer. Alternatively, mix Maca into your smoothies, sprinkle over ice cream or stir into a mixture for bliss balls – its butterscotch aroma perfectly compliments this tasty, guilt free snack!


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  1. Alex says:

    I love maca! I have been taking it for a while now, but completely forgot it could also help me with hormones after pregnancy! Great article ??

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