Why Protein is the Whey to go!

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Upon hearing the word protein we tend to generate a visual of juicy steaks and soft boiled eggs for brekkie. Yet surprisingly, nourishing your body with protein manifests exceptional health benefits with the added bonus of weight loss. By adding more protein onto our plates we assist our bodies in manufacturing the essential amino acids responsible for building and repairing muscle tissue. As well as reducing our urge to snack and keeping us full for longer, protein improves our blood circulation and rejuvenates our hair, skin and nails.

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Protein has become quite the ‘superfood’ amongst our athletes and gym enthusiasts who are rarely seen without a protein shake to guzzle down post workout. Considering muscles are primarily composed out of protein, the harder we push ourselves at the gym the more muscle we eventually ‘damage’ – making it essential to replace after exercise. Although protein is critical for neurological function and provides our bodies with the tools to build hormones and enzymes, the more protein we consume the more muscle we build and the stronger we feel inside and out!

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A protein based diet is as much about quality as it is quantity and contrary to popular belief, a high protein diet is not one subjected to only meat. Low fat dairy products and various vegetables also constitute as high protein foods, as well as fish, quinoa and chia seeds. If we opt for a healthy, balanced diet that still includes the vitamins, minerals and fibers we gather from fruits, vegetables and superfoods, the healthiest way to include more protein onto your plate is using it as the primary base of your three daily meals. Opt for organic where possible and source nutrient rich proteins such as lean meats, eggs, soy products, seafood (particularly white fish), beans, nuts and seeds before getting creative and building your plate with accompanying superfoods and veg.

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Eating a protein based diet needn’t be repetitive and bland. If you feel your body is lacking in protein and you’re seeking an excellent source of energy, a variety of delicious protein fueled snacks are available to boost your intake on the go. We sell a variety of ‘protein balls’ as well as a fantastic range of naturally derived protein powders that transform our favorite smoothies and juices into a powerful protein drink.



Shari Ward