The Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Despite its homeopathic properties and multipurpose use, Colloidal Silver has been clouded in controversy since it landed on the alternative medicine market. Fears stem from the uncertainty of how much metal we’re consuming to the possibility our skin will turn blue after continuous use. Although it is wise to keep your wits about you when consuming an unfamiliar product, Colloidal Silver is an excellent source of trace minerals that can help prevent and combat illness. Here’s what you need to know:


What is a Colloid Mineral?

Colloid minerals are derived from clay or shale deposits and are used as a supplemental source of trace minerals – elements we only require in very small amounts. Historically, clay has been used as an antibacterial remedy to draw out impurities and toxins from the body – and Colloidal Silver works very much the same.

How is Colloidal Silver made?

Colloidal Silver is made by suspending silver particles in a colloidal base, which are two combined substances that retain their original form without crystallising or settling outside their mixture. Colloids are apart of our everyday lives a lot more than we think and can be found in butter, milk and even in our shampoos and conditioners.


Colloidal Silver benefits

A drop or two of Colloidal Silver is widely recommended as an antibacterial, multipurpose colloid mineral and can be used topically or internally in moderation; we highly discourage anyone guzzling this liquid down! Colloidal Silver has several healing properties including the stimulation of healing in burns, disinfecting scrapes and treating certain types of skin infections with its potent anti fungal properties. It works as a miracle toner by removing surface bacteria on even the most sensitive, acne prone skin and can soothe pesky, irritating eczema. The anti-inflammatory properties inside Colloidal Silver also reduce swelling and serves as a fast and affective treatment for eye infections (conjunctivitis, sty) ear infections, nasal infections and even arthritis. Colloidal Silver is particularly useful in winter when energy levels are low and protects our immune systems from seasonal sinus infections & flus.


What is the correct dosage?

Colloidal Silver dosages vary depending on the age of the user and the type of infection/condition. Typically 1 eyedropper or teaspoon is ideal for immune system support but it’s advisable to discontinue use once symptoms disappear. 2-5 drops can be applied directly onto the skin to treat all kinds of skin conditions while eye infections only require 1-2 drops either inserted or dabbed around the eye area, taking 24 hours to clear the infection without a nasty sting.

Shari Ward