“Winter is Coming”

If you’re unfamiliar with the HBO phenomenon that is Game of Thrones, the creators of the series have been teasing viewers for almost half a decade with the infamous phrase “Winter is Coming.” While many of us highly anticipate the arrival of the so-called winter the series continues to bleat about, winter is sadly already upon us in Australia.

Despite willing these colder months to pack up and leave, we find ourselves seeking natural, gentle and effective solutions to protect our immune systems during the colder months. Although colds and the flu can be annoyingly inevitable (they don’t call it ‘common’ for nothing) Olive Leaf Extract is a powerful remedy used to combat illness and contains a multitude of health and defensive properties to keep us functioning and strong all year round.

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Having briefly discussed the benefits of Olive Leaf Extract and its link to soothing anxiety, we’ve delved a little deeper into this medicinal product, discovering its origins dating back to Ancient Egyptian times. Olive Leaf Extract contains oleuropein –  which is simply a molecule that provides the extract with all the beneficial properties our bodies love! The top benefit we gain from using Olive Leaf Extract is first and foremost immune system support and works as a natural and inexpensive relief for coughs, colds and the flu. However, Olive Leaf Extract also aids in cardiovascular support and is naturally high in antioxidants.

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The brands of Olive Leaf Extract we sell at Super Supplement Store are 100% natural, Australian grown, made and gained recognition for powerfully defending fatigue, significantly reducing blood pressure and functioning as an effective remedy for those of us who live stressful lives and are more susceptible to colds, viruses or are simply in need of a ‘pick-me-up.’

Comvita Olive Leaf Extract 500ml

Amongst all the diet fads available on the market today, the healthiest, most logical and most affective of all is the Mediterranean Diet; a gathering and eating a diet based on fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains and extra virgin olive oil. This diet is widely associated with protecting almost every illness synonymous with ageing and Olive Leaf Extract works in similar ways, providing major anti-inflammatory sources and improving age related illnesses and disease.


Now, we know what you’re thinking. How on earth do I coax my children into to gulping down something that’s good for them? Fortunately, Olive Leaf Extract doesn’t taste that bad and is a safe product to use for the entire family. For children, Olive Leaf Extract products are also available with added berry extracts, providing extra antioxidant support and essentially diluting the original taste, giving our little ones the ‘illusion’ of a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

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Quick Olive Leaf Extract Facts:

Storage: Seal away from heat, light and keep in a cool place to protect the active ingredients in the product. Refrigeration is also suitable.

Dosage: Olive Leaf Extract is safe to use on a daily basis and one teaspoon per day should do the trick. If you prefer to use the capsules, follow the instructions on the packaging and always consume with meals.

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Shari Ward

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