Trust your Gut!

We dare you to name something more uncomfortable than poor digestive health. From constipation, bloating, stomach pain and gas, digestive health problems are a common issue caused by bad bacteria in our bodies that we naturally cannot fight. While poor eating habits, allergies, lifestyle choices and stress can cause an upset stomach, sometimes our bodies can’t produce enough ‘good bacteria’ to get out guts back on track.

gut 1

Probiotics and probiotic supplements are our best ally in the fight against poor digestive health and are packed with the ‘live bacteria’ that already exists inside our bodies. Although the words ‘live bacteria’ might scream sickness! disease! or run! –  food products also contain live bacteria that provide our bodies with the daily dosage of probiotics we require (Greek yoghurt anyone?) However, probiotics in capsule, powder and liquid form are convenient supplements to take on the go when our stomachs aren’t functioning properly.

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Probiotic supplements work by targeting the bad bacteria in our digestive system to promote a healthier digestive tract by boosting and multiplying the good bacteria we naturally produce. They are particularly useful before eating meals to cope with the irritable aftermath of poor digestion but can also promote healthy teeth, skin and treat minor colds. By taking probiotic supplements, the food we eat moves smoothly through our bodies and fights the harmful bacteria causing the bloat, pain and discomfort we may experience after our daily meals.


If the key to general wellbeing is a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise, probiotic supplements are nature’s answer to easing digestive discomfort, even in those inevitable situations when stress hits – a well-known contributing factor to poor digestive health. Probiotic supplements are normally refrigerated to protect the live bacteria but are now developed to survive outside the fridge, as long as they’re stored in cool environments and are particularly handy for travel or access on the go.


If uncomfortable symptoms persist, a trip to the doctor might be able to determine what’s really happening inside. Yet the easiest, natural and most affordable way to sooth an upset stomach is by feeding it the good bacteria it needs. Check out our range of probiotic supplements available online and find what works for you!

Shari Ward