Cacao Vs Chocolate

According to some radical articles available on the Internet, chocolate is now considered good for you. While this terrible misconception feeds the uncontrollable sweet tooths of the world, we at Super Supplement Store know what’s up when it comes to consuming cacao. Despite dark chocolate containing antioxidant properties (and a sweet treat is always well deserved) cacao in its raw, fermented form is a Superfood that benefits our bodies without the added nasties.


Containing four times the amount of antioxidants found in dark chocolate, cacao improves our immune system, increases our energy, reduces heart disease and can even contribute to weight loss. Although all of the above may seem too good to be true (and when it comes to chocolate, it usually is) this underrated Superfood is made without the added sugars, saturated fats and dairy products that turn cacao into solid blocks of chocolate. Originating from the Incas, cacao is sold as beans, powders, pastes or nibs and is highly nutritional if consumed in its natural, unprocessed form.


Cacao compliments a variety of dishes, from baked goods to smoothies and hot chocolates to cereals. Much like our beloved block of chocolate, cacao contains the chemical compound ‘phenethylamine’ – known for triggering that aphrodisiac like response we receive from eating chocolate.


Besides releasing these much loved endorphins and boosting our serotonin levels, cacao contains protein, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, anti inflammatory properties and essential fatty acids. Rather than working against out bodies (much like high consumptions of chocolate) cacao boosts our metabolism, improves our hair, skin and nails, supports our digestive balance and is 100% vegan friendly.


We sell a range of cacao in various forms. Treat yo-self today!


Shari Ward