The Green Dream

Just when you thought the health world couldn’t get any greener, enter Chlorella; a type of freshwater algae that will increase good bacteria, treat digestion and detoxify your body! Taken in powdered, tablet or liquid form (and much like the leafy green vegetables we pile onto our plates) Chlorella is a nutritious Superfood filled with amino acids, proteins, vitamins, iron, magnesium and zinc.


Despite the similar sounding Chlorophyll or its cousin Spirulina, Chlorella is not to be mistaken for either of the two. Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in the algae that absorbs light and energy into this seawater plant, providing health benefits that stretch beyond those of Spirulina. Chlorella’s combination of vitamins and minerals are known to detoxify the body of harmful and unwanted heavy metals, prevent the growth of cancer cells and can aid in reducing everything from high cholesterol, bad breath and with its magnesium consent, works as a natural aid to promote our mental health.


Essentially, Chlorella is a Superfood created to help us feel our best and can be taken to alkalise and nourish our bodies daily. Kept at cool temperatures and spray dried to preserve the enzymes and nutrients within, Chlorella is highly digestible and contains beta-carotene (a beloved antioxidant) and a high content of carbohydrates (the good kind!) to help boost our immunity.


The easiest ways to consume Chlorella are in tablet form or mixing half a teaspoon into green smoothies. Despite its potent taste, what’s good for your body CAN taste good too if mixed with the right ingredients. Combine Chlorella with green apples, bananas, coconut water or lime juice to hide the taste and create not only a flavoursome but highly nutritious drink.


Shari Ward