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Now that the silly season is over and 2017 is upon us, loads of people are trying to get healthy with resolutions we may or may not keep. With most resolutions circulating around healthier thinking, eating or living, the hardest part about keeping our resolutions are breaking the bad habits that see us dipping back into our old ways or a lack of tools to get us on track.

Some of us might want to shed weight while others vow to eat more greens, reduce alcohol or finally quit smoking. Although we don’t have magical supplements to help smokers ditch their vice, we do have the tools to help you reach your goals towards feeling, functioning and looking better.

Whatever your resolutions may be, we’ve found four vitamins, supplements and superfoods than can kick-start your 2017 with the inspiration you might be craving to nip those bad habits in the bud.


  1. Eat More Greens

Let’s make our Nanna’s proud by finally eating those greens we keep promising ourselves to chow down on! Consuming loads of veggies can be challenging if you’re on the go, funds are limited or if greens are simply not your thing. But the right portion of spirulina – a form of algae – can up our intake of greens. Highly nutritional with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that protect our bodies against heavy metals, spirulina is considered one of the best plant sources of iron – even more than spinach! Add a spoonful of powder to your juices or smoothies or try spirulina tablets for a green hit on the go.


  1. Go Alternative

Alternative medicine; you’re either for or against it. But if you’re sceptical and willing to give it a try, pure oregano oil has some surprising health benefits – especially as the seasonal change approaches. With antihistamine, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, oregano oil can aid in the use of treating minor infections, funguses and inhaling the steam can treat minor cold and flu symptoms. This multipurpose oil is essentially a healthier, chemical free and gentler approach to help boost our immune systems and treat unwanted allergies and trips to the doctor.


  1. Love The Skin You’re In

During those blissful summer days we love nothing more than spending every waking minute out in the sunshine or down by the beach. But one major con to this glorious Aussie lifestyle is the risk of sunburn. Astaxanthin – a carotenoid pigment found in red fruits and vegetables – protects our skin from UV and sun exposure by warding off these harmful rays. Although sunscreen in a pill may seem futile, Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that works as a natural sunscreen by counteracting the free radicals we absorb from sun exposure, the exact same way it protects the fruit and veg we eat!

  1. Dry January

If it’s time to give your liver a rest from the season of overindulgence, a detox could be for you. Instead of substituting entire meals and living off a liquid diet, the 5 Point Detox is a simple, liquid herbal remedy containing cloves, dandelion, rosehip and valerian to name a few that only requires two teaspoons stirred into your daily glasses of water, three times per day. Besides supporting and detoxifying our liver, the 5 Point Detox can address constipation, gas and fluid retention whilst improving intestinal and digestive health all in one; a natural and adjustable solution to start off 2017 feeling like a million bucks!

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