Cacao Vs Chocolate

According to some radical articles available on the Internet, chocolate is now considered good for you. While this terrible misconception feeds the uncontrollable sweet tooths of the world, we at Super Supplement Store know what’s up when it comes to consuming cacao. Despite dark chocolate containing antioxidant properties (and a sweet treat is always well […]

Trust your Gut!

We dare you to name something more uncomfortable than poor digestive health. From constipation, bloating, stomach pain and gas, digestive health problems are a common issue caused by bad bacteria in our bodies that we naturally cannot fight. While poor eating habits, allergies, lifestyle choices and stress can cause an upset stomach, sometimes our bodies […]

“Winter is Coming”

If you’re unfamiliar with the HBO phenomenon that is Game of Thrones, the creators of the series have been teasing viewers for almost half a decade with the infamous phrase “Winter is Coming.” While many of us highly anticipate the arrival of the so-called winter the series continues to bleat about, winter is sadly already […]

Why Protein is the Whey to go!

Upon hearing the word protein we tend to generate a visual of juicy steaks and soft boiled eggs for brekkie. Yet surprisingly, nourishing your body with protein manifests exceptional health benefits with the added bonus of weight loss. By adding more protein onto our plates we assist our bodies in manufacturing the essential amino acids […]

The Magic of Maca!

With its surprising sexual benefits and therapeutic properties, the Maca Root contains a long list of nourishment that our bodies could thrive from. There’s no doubt that superfoods exist to promote overall wellness and despite the variety of ingredients available now, Maca serves two purposes; superfood and medicinal herb. Similarly proportioned to a turnip and […]

Go Goji

Vividly red and no bigger than a grape, Goji Berries are a powerful, nutritious and multipurpose superfruit making their debut in traditional Chinese medicine. Originally consumed to balance, strengthen and promote longevity, goji berries are used in ancient Chinese methods to generate a feeling of well-being. Like all berries, goji berries are a powerful antioxidant […]

Healthy Habits

Now that the silly season is over and 2017 is upon us, loads of people are trying to get healthy with resolutions we may or may not keep. With most resolutions circulating around healthier thinking, eating or living, the hardest part about keeping our resolutions are breaking the bad habits that see us dipping back […]

The Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Despite its homeopathic properties and multipurpose use, Colloidal Silver has been clouded in controversy since it landed on the alternative medicine market. Fears stem from the uncertainty of how much metal we’re consuming to the possibility our skin will turn blue after continuous use. Although it is wise to keep your wits about you when […]