POWER SUPER FOODS Cacao Gold Powder 225g


Power Superfoods Organic Cacao Gold is a 100% organic cacao powder of the heritage Ecuadorian cacao bean that is quite rare. It has impressive nutritional content, deeper color, flavor and aroma of chocolate and rich cacao butter that offers a smoother texture and delicious taste. Organic Cacao Gold is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants, protein and minerals. It also contains naturally occurring phytochemicals like theobromine which energize your body.

Power Superfoods Organic Cacao Gold is gluten free and vegan. Its remarkable magnesium content helps relieve stress and relax muscles. There are different ways of having this powder included in your diet. It can be used as a healthier substitute to cocoa in baking or added to porridge, cereal and muesli for a delicious flavor. You can also add it to milkshakes, smoothies or sprinkle it over ice-cream and yogurt.

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